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Enterprises today rely on IT for the delivery of business critical services to the end consumer. Therefore it is paramount that the mission critical data centre is designed, maintained and operated with high-availability and efficiency. However the ever changing technologies put an increasing pressure on the data centre managers together with a faster pace in which these changes are required. In addition to this, there is a vast number of companies where the data centre is a shared responsibility between the IT and Facilities divisions, each having their own values and standards to which they believe a mission critical site ought to be running.

This course brings participants up to speed with the data center design, maintenance and operations, valuable lessons which will enable a hi-available, flexible, safe and efficiency mission critical data.

This three-day course has been designed to expose participants to the key components of the data centre. It will cover and impacts of key aspects like power, cooling, security and safety etc. to provide a highly accessible data facility. In addition, it will address key operations and aspects of maintenance. centre environment for both new and existing sites.


At  the completion of the course participants shall benefit from the course such as:

  • 1. Obtain an understanding about the infrastructure of the data centre
  • 2. Learn both the standard and the best practices of a data centre professional
  • 3. Gain awareness of potential environmental threats towards the data centre and solutions against such hazards.
  • 4. Learn techniques to increase the efficiency of the data centre
  • 5. Be able to perform maintenance on the data centre
  • 6. Be aware of the safety and security practices at the data centre


  1. Data center design/life cycle overview  
  2. Tier levels  
  3. Building considerations & standards  
  4. Advanced raised floor & suspended ceiling  
  5. Advanced Power   Power infrastructure layout:  
  6. Generators 
  7. UPS systems
  8. Harmonic filters
  9. Battery banks
  10. Advanced Electro Magnetic Fields
  11. Advanced Cooling  
  12. Advanced fire protection  
  13. Cable management  
  14. Environmental specifications 
  15. Data Center Efficiency


Peserta :

This course is targeted towards professionals working in IT, Facilities or Data Centre Operations including those with the responsibility to achieve and improve the productivity of the data centre.




Case Study


Dr. Ir. Fauzi Hasan. MM, MBA, and Team


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